Bowling is $30 per hour per lane for up to 8 people, Shoe rental is $3 per pair. Bowling is FREE Monday through Friday from 11-4.

Table Tennis

If you thought ping-pong tables were reserved for fraternity houses and college bachelors…well, you’re probably right.  But in the name of providing everything revelry-related, we couldn’t leave the table tennis courts on the sidelines.  Dust off your paddleboards; it’s time to take a walk back through the good ole days.


For the true revelry renaissance man or woman, the game of shuffleboard is the true testament to one’s bar game talent.  Bring it on bar-lympians; let’s see what you’ve got to bring to this table.


Our custom designed pool tables are like a sports car, sexy enough to make you look better. Four tables and 17000 square feet promises that you should never need to uppercut anyone for a chance to play on these beauties, so cue up ladies and gentlemen, it’s show time.

Board Games

Calling all Chess Club champions, Monopoly mongers, Backgammon bosses, Dominoes dominators and all around board game rockstars …you bring the moves; we’ll bring the booze.  Our elevated board game rotunda, outfitted in club chair alcoves, will be ever bit as Monte Carlo-chic as it is cozy. Have a favorite you would like us to add?  […]

Outdoor Patio

As all nights at The Goodnight kick-off, indulge your sappy-side while catching a glimpse of the sunset from our large outdoor dining deck. Bask in the Big Dipper’s starlit glow while sipping on a custom cocktail.

Air Guitar

Think you could you put Tom Petty’s 15-minute electric solos to shame?  Welp, our impressive air guitar selection will give you the chance to find out!  Show off your lack of talent on any one of our state-of-the-art air guitars.